Viscom Resources is a Biomedical Company and one source for MRI Equipments such as pulse oximeters, manual wheelchairs, wheelchair parts, medical display monitor for radiology imaging display , oxygen sensor, MRI oxygen detection system, patient cctv monitor,ccd camera , print media ( cd-rom,cd-rw,dvd-drive,m.o.d ,film) ,uninterrupt power supply, medical spare parts and accessories.

We are also  supplying medical gas regulator,fitting and tubing, MRI O2 flowmeter, single stage regulator ,multi-stage regulator,PVC tubing,Liquid Helium,purified gas helium,preventive maintenance,MRI Injector, Syringe pump,hub and switches, SPO2 Invivo grip sensor. We also supply the Xenon 300 watts for olympus Endoscopy and etc.

Viscom Resources has huge inventory of  Ultrasound ,tranducer or probe,Ultrasound Monitor, patient aid equipment and parts are used in nursing homes, hospitals, and beyond, overbed tables, hospital bed. Viscom Resources also carries a complete line of MRI equipment,spare part and services including MRI  Adsorber,helium compressor,MRI Coils repair exchange ( GE,Toshiba,Siemens) ,liquid helium re-filling , Coldhead replacement, MRI Walkers, MRI stretchers, and many more MRI Safe products. We also carry many of these products for pediatric . 

With thousands of medical  parts and equipments available, you're sure to find what you need here, or we can help find the part you are looking for. Viscom Resources is committed to delivering quality and durable medical products and medical equipment at industry leading prices and with people-come-first customer service. 
Remember "We're The Friendly People"

Providing the professional services you need at affordable prices. Locally owned and operated since 2006.
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 Category :

Non-Mangetic Regulator & respiratory 
All brand of Monitor,Tranducer/Probe,boards
Non-magnetic Medication Cart for 1.5T & 3T
Pulse Oximeters,grip sensor Invivo,nonin,etc.
MRI grease dispenser,HEPA filters and blower filters
MRI/CT /X-ray/Ultrasound/X-Ray Mobile /Angio/PET/ 
Medical electronic boards & spare parts ,please  Email Me the spare part description, spare part number and attach a picture if possible.
MRI Safety & Warning Signs
MRI Adsorber,Flexible line,Helium compressor Repair ,
Semi Rigid line and etc.

MRI Liquid helium & gas helium supply
Non-magnetic gas adapter & fitting ,BS,Ohmeda,Puritan,etc.
Uninterrupt Power Supply -EATON and Powerware.

Medical Grade monitor for diagnose display ,  CCTV, Advertisment, OT, Surgical, CT, MRI, Fluoro, Angio,etc  for all brands.
Ultrasound Monitor/Tranducer/Probe/Boards

MRI Non-magnetic Equipments and parts
Nursing/Hospital/Lab equipment facility
Disposable medicine items , Sphygmomanometer,Sanitation, Laundry hamper with trolley,Basins, Biopsy,Cart,Doctor tools, Imaging Aids, Respiratory ,Oxygen cylinder carts & stands, IV Poles,Scales,Ultrasound procedure,Stretchers,Breast Imaging Supply,MRI Anesthesia , CT procedure, CT Scan Adult Thyroid Shield,Pediatric Breast Shield ,Adult Breast Shield Cover, Radiation resistant gloves, suction, Operating room instrument , X-Ray illuminator, antibacterial hand cleaning gel,surgical,infusion set, mask,syringes,biological collectors and etc.
Holloware & Surgical Instrument, Medical Bags,Scale & measures, patient aids,Electromedical,Endoscopy, Gynaecology, electrosurgery,medical light, diagnostic,audiometry & spirometry,ecg,monitors and ultrasound,first-aid & emergency, sterilization, defibrillators ,veterinary and human anatomy models.
We are specialised in Hitachi/SIEMENS  MRI/CT  : 
 Installation and Deinstallation 
Servicing and Repair
Spare Parts: MRI/CT Impact/Expert/Vision/Harmony
Consultancy and Planning
Coldhead and displacer replacement
Ramping the magnet field (demagnetized/magnetized)
and cooling down the magnet.
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